Team Producergrind Adds 'FORNUTO To The Roster

Team Producergrind Adds 'FORNUTO To The Roster - ProducerGrind

At the end of 2019 we started the Team Producergrind project, which is a label of producer content creators. Our first signee to the group was FORNUTO, a 19 year old producer from Rochester, NY. We first discovered FORNUTO from his very popular drum kit uploads on Reddit. When CEODylan heard the quality of his kits and beats he instantly reached out to see if he was interested in joining the team.

FORNUTO has been making beats since he was 15 years old. He is a die-hard FL Studio user and his top 3 VST instrument plugins are Omnisphere, Hive, & Albino 3. His go-to FX plugin is RC-20 for adding nostalgic analog vibes to his melodies. His production style/sound can be described as upbeat with a ton of bounce and hypnotic melodies. He told us "If it doesn't slap I DON'T EXPORT."

Right now FORNUTO is focused on adding to his placement catalog as well as building his brand as a content creator. His 5 year goal is to be a household name in the music industry with at least one plaque on his wall. We at Producergrind can officially co-sign the fact that he is well on his way to completing that goal.

For 5 months now FORNUTO has been delivering top notch content and tutorials to the producer community through our Team Producergrind YouTube channel. He has also released a very successful drum and sample pack based around the sound coming out of the Carolinas right now.

He is gearing up to release one of the most anticipated drum kits of 2020, the "Whip Up" Drum Kit. which will be stacked with never before heard drum sounds that absolutely SLAP. This will be one of those kits that circulates around the entire industry.