The Ultimate Producer Experience
2 Events in 1 Action Packed Day
Part 1: Mix + Master Studio Seminar
Saturday, March 10th, 2018
2PM - 6PM
@The Playroom Studios / Charlotte, NC
Learn how to achieve the industry sound that modern artists and fans demand. Join us as we mix a Gucci Mane song on the spot and explain the process step-by-step. Producergrind Studio Seminars give attendees a unique opportunity to learn from industry engineers while working in a recording studio environment. 
  •  Live & Interactive Seminar: Ask questions & actively participate in the mix process
  • Mix Critiques: Play your mixes for our engineers to receive personal feedback & advice
  •  Business Advice: Learn how to find clients & make money Engineering.
  •  & Much More: 4 Hour Studio Experience
Part 2: VIP Showcase
Feat. DJ Plugg & More
Saturday, March 10th, 2018
8PM - 12AM
@The Playroom Studios / Charlotte, NC
The Producergrind VIP Showcase give producers of all levels a chance to soak up game and interact with industry producers. The night is filled with various activities aimed towards elevating every attendee's production skills. The dopest producer of the night will win a personal collab with DJ Plugg
  •  Industry Q&A's: Interact With Your Favorite Producers  
  • Live Cook-Ups: DJ Plugg & More
  • Beat Critiques: Play Beats Live for Industry Guests & Attendees
  •  Business Advice: Do's & Don'ts From Industry insiders
  •  Collab: Producer of the best beat of the night wins a collab with DJ Plugg
  •  & Much More! | All Rights Reserved | Studio Seminar + VIP Showcase