TB Digital 'Digital Instruments' One-Shot Kit

TB Digital 'Digital Instruments' One-Shot Kit

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The long awaited one-shot kit from Team Producergrind's TB Digital. This is the perfect low-CPU solution for creating endless amounts of great melodies. Contains over 200 melodic one-shot samples including bells, flutes, guitar licks, ethic sounds, exotic textures & more. No need to sift through hundreds of VST presets before finding a great sound as every single one of these one-shots is perfectly fit for modern trap production.


Listen To Some of the Over 200+ Sounds Included in This Kit

Guitar Stab (1)
Favorite Flute (1)
Guitar Lick (1)
Metro Church Bell - Ethnic
Wavy Flute Lick (1)
Melody 1 (Made w/ One-Shot Kit)
Melody 2 (Made w/ One-Shot Kit)

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