TB Digital X TWill 'Headahh' Sample Pack

TB Digital X TWill 'Headahh' Sample Pack

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TB Digital and TWill of Headahh Corporations teamed up to bring the community this 60 pack of 100% ROYALTY-FREE melody loops. This was originally going to be a premium pack for $50 but the gang decided to show love and make it FREE. Every loop comes labeled with its BPM and key so you can get to work quick & easy.


Listen to some of the melody loops included in this sample pack

UZi Vert 136 BPM A#min
Digital Drip 135 BPM Bmin
Juice WRLD Guitar melody 128 BPM C#min
1997 Caliback 140 BPM Dmin
Tunnels 178 BPM Ebmin
PFGV 151 BPM Ebmin

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