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TB Digital 'Utopia' Sample Pack

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Team Producergrind's TB Digital is back with his third FREE sample pack release. Every melody loop in here is inspired by current trending artists & producers. It comes with a mixture of melodic, bouncy, dark vibes as well as some spanish guitar joints. This one is 100% free and ROYALTY-FREE! It includes 25 WAV samples in composition format labeled with the BPM and key. These samples will work in all DAW software including FL Studio, Logic Pro X, Ableton, MPC, etc.


Listen to some of the loops included in this sample pack

1954 Vintage 122 BPM Gmin
Codeine Pixels 152 BOM D#min
Marching on Main Street 116 BPM G#min
Ms. April 113 BPM Cmin
O Block 150 BPM Dmin
Spacetime 140 BPM Ebmin
Starbucks 140 BPM Fmin
Summerhill 140 BPM Emin