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Team Producergrind 'Headahh' Sample Pack Vol 2

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Team Producergrind collabed with the producer community to bring Vol 2 of the legendary Headahh Sample Pack. Download this 22 pack of 100% ROYALTY-FREE melody loops if you a real headahh. Every loop comes labeled with its BPM and key so you can get to work quick & easy. Level up in the studio by adding drums to the melody loops and flipping the samples in your own creative way.

Sounds Included: (22) Melody Loops


Listen to some of the melody loops included in this sample pack

Escobar Vibes 123 BPM Ab Min
Punjabi 131 BPM Bb Min
Shift 104 BPM E Min
Solo Act 146 BPM F Min
Spook Ride 122 BPM B Min
Beat Battle 129 BPM A Min
Scarred 161 BPM F Min
Blues 167 BPM Bb Min