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The Asparagus LoFi Drum Kit

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This is a FREE Lofi Hip Hop Drum Kit. Compilation of the Drum & Perc sounds used to create the Asparagus Lofi Album by Lofi Organic. All of these sounds were processed through the FX chains that we used on the album so they already will fit well into a Lofi Mix. We purposely chopped the top frequencies off to give them a lower quality sound that makes Lofi beats/music unique. Watch the Full Kit Preview Video

This Lofi Sound Kit Contains:

  • 6 Lofi Snares
  • 8 Lofi Hi Hats
  • 3 Lofi Kick Drums
  • 6 Unique Lofi Perc Sounds
  • 3 LoFi 808s


Listen to some of the drum sounds included in this kit.

Asparagus Perc Snare
Asparagus Bass Pluck
Asparagus HiHat 5
Asparagus Open Hat
Asparagus Snare 3
Asparagus Kick 1
Asparagus HiHat 2
Asparagus Snare 4
Asparagus Ride 2