Although you may be tempted to dive right in and start experimenting with the different components of a song, focusing on the rhythm and finding a solid drum kit should always be step #1. By choosing the perfect drum kit, you’ll be able to establish the overall vibe and mood you’re trying to create with your track. So then, what do you need in your drum kit to get a slapping beat?


Finding the right kick to drive your track can be tough and time-consuming, but is undeniably the most important step in creating a beat, considering kicks are essentially the heartbeat of the song and the power behind the track. 

What makes a good kick? The perfect kick will sound punchy and be the loudest, deepest sound in your mix. 

Every producer wants a loud kick drum, but one of the biggest challenges a hip- hop producer will face is attempting to make the kick drum and the song itself loud, all while avoiding flattening the kick drum by the mastering compressor. 

This step needs extra attention because even EQ’ing and compressing the wrong kick drum until you’re blue in the face still won’t help you achieve the sound you’re looking for. So again, it’s important to choose a kick drum that will specifically fit your beat, whether it’s 808-like with a low, heartbeat-style kick, or a more “colored” kick with some extra character. 

"black market" premium drum kit - The Best Offer

To add those low-end punch kicks that you can feel in your stomach, aim for a 20-60 Hz frequency. Producergrind’s lead sound designer, JB, brings you some of the best 808s and kicks with the “Black Market” premium drum kit.


If you’re not yet ready to open your wallet, check out the free download for what’s notably still one of the most popular 808 bass samples used for trap beats. Top industry producers such as Southside, Jetsonmade, Sonny Digital, & CashmoneyAP have used this saucy sample


Once you’ve got your kicks down, you can then search for the right snare to fit in the pockets of where the kick doesn’t hit. This drum also functions as the skeleton of your beat. If you’re new to music production, finding the right readily available drum kit with snares to choose from is suggested before dabbling in creating your own. 

Team Producergrind’s very own FORNUTO has gifted producers everywhere with a drum kit that has been in the works since 2019. This hard-hitting “Whip Up” collection is circulating the industry and being put to the best of use by major producers everywhere. No more searching high and low for the perfect samples - in addition to the original 808s and kicks this kit provides, it also consists of 8 pristine claps & 7 crisp snares, helping you to choose the perfect backbeat quicker than ever. If you want platinum hip-hop and trap drums, this one should be first on your list. Take a listen below -

hi-hats & Percs

To add your final touches to your drum kit, you’ll need to choose some airy, tight hi-hats. If you’ve already picked your kick and snare, choosing the right hi-hat should come easily. Since hi-hats occupy a small frequency range, they are processed much faster than other drum kits, which make it easy to go overboard with saturation, EQ, and compression. That’s why working with top-quality recordings is crucial. 

Even though Producergrind offers some of the best, high- quality samples on the market – FOR FREE – TB Digital brings something extra special with his first official drum kit release, ‘All-You-Need’ Kit + Bonus Sample Pack. This collection supplies you with 4 hi-hats, 3 open hi-hats, and 11 percs to use as the icing on top of your beat. This juicy assortment also includes Fl Studio mixer presets, melody/drum scores, WAV Samples, and a license for unlimited 100% royalty-free usage. Doesn’t get much better than this kit and really is all you need. 

Once you feel confident in choosing the right samples for the type of beat you’re trying to create, up next is learning how to layer your drums. Although not always necessary, doing so can lead to some extra unique-sounding beats with a fresh flair. 

As you well know, you can never have too many drum samples. Having a variety in your toolbox is crucial, and downloading Producergrind’s free drum kits is the best way to accomplish this. If you’re on the hunt for some grade-A FREE drum kits, our must-listens include:

FORNUTO’s ‘Zone 6’ Drum Kit, which was inspired by Zone 6 East Atlanta rappers, the producers that have crafted their sounds. This kit contains a collection of 21 essential drum samples that is a great starter kit for any producer. 


The Asparagus Lofi Drum Kit, which is a compilation of the drum and perc sounds used to create the Asparagus Lofi Album by Lofi Organic. All sounds were processed through the FX chains so that they would fit perfectly into a Lofi Mix. We also chopped the top frequencies to give them that unique Lofi-sounding beat. This kit contains 6 Lofi Snares, 8 Lofi Hi-hats, 3 Lofi kick drums, 6 unique Lofi Perc Sounds, & 3 LoFi 808s


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