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A Multi-Genre toolset
For Serious Producers...

  • 100% Royalty-Free and Multi-Genre Sample Library w/ stems that you can use as-is or as building blocks for creating your own melodies.

  • Exclusive Bass, Keys, Bell, Pad, Synth, and Pluck One Shots + Accents and Textures to open up your creativity and make cooking up fun and easy!

  • Cheat-Code Melody MIDI Library destroys beat-block by providing you with customizable compositions for making your own top-tier melodies 

  • Secret Bonus Drum Kit that will help you make hard hitting bangers like a Billboard-charting producer.

  • Multi-Genre Samplemaking Training that will open up your abilities and inspire you to take your sound to the next level.

Preview Samples


Amount (Dark Trap)
Drift (Dark Trap)
Nefarious (Dark Trap)
Investigate (Dark Trap)
Motion Detected (RnB)
Horses (RnB)
Distractions (RnB)
Focus (RnB)
Oil Spill (Bouncy Melodic)
Biggest (Bouncy Melodic)
Wild West (Boom Bap)
Simplicity (Boom Bap)
Pulse (Lofi)
All The Starts (Lofi)
Feel Me (PluggNB)
Love Me Back (PluggNB)
Petals (Mainstream)
Summertime (Mainstream)
Coastal Sun (Guitar)
Keep It Up (Guitar)

Dark Trap | RnB | Guitar | Bouncy Melodic | Mainstream | PluggNB | Boom BapLofi

 Exclusive To INCEPTION

Multi-Genre Samplemaking Training

$200.00 Value

Part of becoming a creative mastermind is observing the processes of other adept creators.

Go into the studio with the top samplemakers in our network for a priceless training experience that will open up your abilities to produce like a master!

After going through the course, not only will you feel confident in using the different tools inside INCEPTION, but you'll also understand the intricacies around writing music in various genres. 
*includes training on Bouncy Melodic, Dark Trap, Lofi, Mainstream, PluggNB, and RnB

 Exclusive To INCEPTION



$100.00 Value

Break through the industry barrier and get your loops into the hands of our producer friends like Sonny Digital, Supah Mario, Jetsonmade, Hitmaka, and many others!

After getting your copy of INCEPTION, you will be able to submit your melodies to help us create the seventh volume of the VIP Community Placement Pack! 

Along with being sent out to our entire industry producer network, it will also be distributed to over 100,000 producers globally.

7 Exclusive bonuses 

included For FREE

 Bonus #1


One Shot Collection

$97.00 Value

Trail - Accent
Vibro - Keys
Loretto - Bass
Scraping By - Texture
Culture - Synth
Inside - Bell

250 brand new Basses, Keys, Plucks, Synths, Pads, Guitars, Accents, Textures and Analog sounds

ARCHITECT is a secret weapon stash! Using the melodic sounds and elements inside makes it easier for you to create high level melodies that will turn you into your network's favorite samplemaker!

The beautiful thing about One Shots is that ANYONE can use them to make creative melodies and parts for their tracks. No need for expensive VSTs or software.

What is a One Shot?

One Shots come in different formats, but most commonly they are a .wav file of a sound recorded as a single note that can be loaded up into your DAW sampler and played (or clicked in) as an instrument.

How do I use One Shots?

Once the One Shot is loaded in your sampler, you can play or click-in MIDI to write your own melodic parts. Chords, lead lines, arpeggios ... literally anything!

Many samplers have built in controls to further sculpt the sound, or you can add external effects such as delay, reverb, chorus, or some of our favorites Portal and Thermal.

Where can I learn more?

YouTube is king. However we've included the INCEPTION Samplemaking Training exactly for this reason; so you can watch pros use all sorts of tools (including One Shots) in their creative process.

One Shots are simple! But there's definitely advanced techniques to learn for those willing to get into it.

 Bonus #2


Analog Lab V Soundbank

$35.00 Value

Tape - Pluck
Ancient - Bell
Weeknd - Bass
Wah Wah - Synth
Legend of Zelda - Bell
Vintage - Brass
Gain access to the same exact presets we use regularly to create our best-selling samples!

Each of the 50 presets will inspire you to create masterpieces. They are also guaranteed to bring a fresh perspective to your own sound design.

What is Analog Lab V?

Analog Lab V (ALV) is an extremely popular virtual instrument plugin from Arturia that provides access to the most iconic synth and keyboard sounds of all time.

Imagine tweaking any parameter of the Arp 2600, Prophet-5, Moog Modular V, or Wurlitzer. No imagine combining these legendary instruments together into new presets. Samplemakers love ALV for a reason!

Where can I get Analog Lab V?

Although ALV is a paid plugin, we've supported it via 3rd party soundbanks due to its usefulness to the community and its immense popularity. Analog Lab V can be purchased directly through Arturia or via instalments through Splice.

A free trial is also available through Arturia.

 Bonus #3


Premium Drum Kit

$75.00 Value

Friction - Kick
Dialtone - Clap
Splinter - Snare
Pronto - Percussion
Bioshock - Open Hihat
Morpheus - 808
Hard hitting 808s, Kicks, Snares, Hihats, and Percussion (our favorite) are processed to smack without needing extra plugins.

With LIMBO you will be able to create entire industry-level productions using only INCEPTION.

Here's the thing; the difference between PG drums and the ones found from other companies is that our drums are verifiably designed and not recycled, renamed, and sold to you on repeat.

Each drum sound is tested in real productions to make sure it smacks where it matters. LIMBO is here in industry-quality to take your productions from great to perfect.
*designed by @ayo.zens and @iamkaadik_

 Bonus #4


Melody MIDI Library

$97.00 Value

Neon Runner
On The Run
2000's Baby
Give It Time

Drag and drop any of these 150 customizable MIDI melodies into your piano roll for instant inspiration. Overcome beat block and get a vibe going in your studio with ease!

It's no secret that we love MIDI. Why? MIDI has no bounds. Drag a MIDI clip into any composition regardless of key or BPM, and customize to your heart's content!

To make it easy for you to find a certain vibe, each composition has been categorized into different styles: Boom Bap, Nostalgic, Dark, Cinematic, PluggNB, Bouncy Melodic, and RnB.

What is MIDI?

MIDI (.mid) is a file format that stores data rather than audio. The advantages of MIDI include a small file size, ease of modification, and a wide choice of assigned instruments or sampled sounds. Think of it like editable sheet of music!

A MIDI recording of a keyboard performance could sound like a piano or other keyboard instrument; however, since MIDI records the information of played notes and not the specific sounds, this recording could be changed to any other sound, such as a soft synth, sampled guitar, flute, or even a full orchestra.

How do I use MIDI?

Drag a MIDI file into your DAW timeline (playlist) or sequencer. Once loaded, assign a VST instrument or sampler to the same channel. The instrument can now be used to play the notes in the MIDI file!

From there, you can do anything you want. All DAWs allow you to transpose the MIDI notes, adjust the BPM of the project, add or remove notes, or rearrange the composition entirely. Many DAWs even include MIDI effects can do all sorts of things!

Where can I learn more?

YouTube is king. However we've included the INCEPTION Samplemaking Training exactly for this reason; so you can watch pros use all sorts of tools (including MIDI) in their creative process.

MIDI is simple! But there's an infinite amount of possibilities to discover for those willing to dig in.

 Bonus #5

Chance to Win

Live Lesson w/ Choice of Team PG member

$150.00 Value

First 500 producers to purchase INCEPTION join the raffle

As part of our release of INCEPTION, we're excited to giveaway five 1-hour one-on-one sessions with a member of Team ProducerGrind of your choice! 

(TB Digital, Juko, Zens, Noble, Ethan Deetz, Aye YB, TWiLL, etc.)

Bring a work in progress to the Zoom call, or create something new with your instructor from scratch! Together you and your instructor will create a project that is placement-ready.

 Bonus #6


$50.00 Value

As a way of saying thank you for your support of INCEPTION we're giving you a $50 PG Gift Card to load up on additional kits from producergrind.com! Including the INCEPTION Expansion 👀

*important note: Credit will be automatically added to your ProducerGrind Account shortly after purchase. Payment Plan purchasers will receive their gift card upon completion of their final payment.

 Bonus #7

Collector's USB

w/ exclusive sounds & TRAINING CONTENT

$75.00 Value

First 250 producers to purchase* INCEPTION get physical USB

We wanted to do something extra special for those producers who are eager to secure INCEPTION and augment their creative pallet.

Our lead content creator TB Digital and CEO Dylan put in extra hours to create samples and content that will be preloaded on the USBs. These will never be seen anywhere else!

*important note: Payment Plan purchasers will receive their USB upon completion of their final payment.

This 100% Royalty-Free 

Production Suite Contains:

  • 200 Royalty-Free Melody Samples

  • 1235 Individual Stems

  • 150 Premium Melody MIDI

  • 150 Designed Instrument Shots

  • 50 Beautiful and Useful Accents

  • 50 Delicate and Creative Textures

  • 50 Original Analog Lab V Presets

  • 200 Royalty-Free Melody Samples

  • 1235 Individual Stems

  • 150 Premium Melody MIDI

  • 150 Designed Instrument Shots

  • 50 Beautiful and Useful Accents

  • 50 Delicate and Creative Textures

  • 50 Original Analog Lab V Presets

  • 150 Premium Crafted Drum Shots

  • 6 Videos on Multi-genre Samplemaking

  • 5 Submissions to Placement Pack

  • $50 Bonus Giftcard to producergrind.com

  • EXC Five 1-on-1 Instruction Giveaways

  • EXC 250 Collector's USB Giveaways

  • Accurate Key and BPM Labels for Quick Workflow

  • 150 Premium Crafted Drum Shots

  • 6 Videos on Multi-genre Samplemaking

  • 5 Submissions to Placement Pack

  • $50 Bonus Giftcard to producergrind.com

  • EXC Five 1-on-1 Instruction Giveaways

  • EXC 250 Collector's USB Giveaways

  • Accurate Key and BPM Labels for Quick Workflow

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Brendan (Toronto, CA)
I Love Inception!

As still a beginner producer this suite is so amazing! There's so much content for the price and the payment plan is also a huge plus. The stems and midi help so much when stuck making melodies and there's so much inspiration throughout the pack!

avery James (Denver, US)
Gyaaaaat damn son to much heat for the price

The verify of options this Suite comes with should be illegal, everything from Midi's, One shots, loops, STEMS to the loops and genre you can produce with is nuts. HUGE fan of all the producers on this kit and overall PG and their work ill definitely keep purchasing what ever y'all drop.

David Singleton (Boston, US)
Inception is my go to now for samples got me feeling like dicpairo lol

Been rocking with producer grind since 2018 every kit bussin thus one has been on of the hardest kits don't miss ya chance to get yours telling you anything from drums to samples that's you know gonna hit just saying better cop now before it's to late

justin Enoch (White Plains, US)
Thanks to ALL who worked on this

Man, This isn’t just a Production Suite it’s an opportunity all I can do is express my gratitude for all who got a copy of inception and for those who didn’t, get it while you can it’s definitely worth it. As one of the 250 that’s getting a USB I can’t wait to see what’s on it.

Brian Flowers (Suffolk, US)
Blessing from PG GODZ!

First off, I started making beats back in December of 22’. I literally heard about this site word of mouth ! Ever since then I’ve started out with free kits and a couple of purchases here and there on the site. When I tell you that I made the best decision making INCEPTION my first production suite purchase….. The sounds, the inspiration, the late nights and it’s only been four days! I’m still new to this but I’m only going up from here! I mean it’s like you all didn’t miss out on a beat lol. From the loops, 808’s, midis, and yes the genres. The sound selection and diversity is freaking amazing. Also, it’s affordable and I believe y’all took the time for this one. You have a PG FAM in me for life. I highly recommend this production suite for all aspects of this game. The sample making courses set the tone! Let’s make history y’all!


What licensing rights come with INCEPTION?

Licensing rights included:
 - Streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc
 - Beat lease sales on Beatstars, Airbit, etc
 - Placements with major artists
 - All files are 100% royalty free

How will I know if I won a USB?

Shortly after launch we will contact those eligible to receive the USBs. Do not rely on the stock counter on the product page to determine your purchase number as there may be 30 customers partly through checkout ahead of you!

I'm new! What kind of product is this?

INCEPTION is a set of digital downloads that will help you create great music in any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, etc.

The downloads primarily consist of audio files (.wav) and MIDI files (.mid). This is NOT a physical product.

How will I receive my order?

Upon order confirmation you will be redirected to an order summary page containing a link to your Downloads Dashboard. You must be logged in to your ProducerGrind Account to access the Downloads Dashboard. If this is your first time ordering, please check your inbox for an Account Activation email which will verify your email address and activate your account.

Not seeing your Account Activation email? Please go to the Login Page and click the Activate account button to resend this email.

After order confirmation you will be emailed a receipt and a confirmation email linking you to the order summary page.

What is your refund policy?

Digital products are not eligible for refunds due to their intangible nature and impossibility of being returned. Please click here to see our refund policy.

How does the Payment Plan work?

If you opt to use the Payment Plan to make your purchase, your payment method will be charged every two weeks until the 6th payment is received. Your first charge occurs immediately upon signup.

This is a great option for those on a monthly budget! Payment Plan customers within the first 250 purchases will receive their USB upon completion of their final payment. The bonus gift card will also be received upon completion of their final payment.

Customers who do not complete their Payment Plan for any reason may have their license revoked and their producergrind.com account disabled until account is brought back into good standing.

Note that the royalty-free license is only valid upon completion of the Payment Plan.

Limited release - Only 500 licenses available

Secure this pro-level suite before it's gone!














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