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SOUNDLAB Trap Production Suite

Beyond The Basics: Advanced Training

Producer's Playbook: Network Training

5 Community Placement Pack Submissions

SOUNDLAB Analog Lab V Soundbank

SOUNDLAB Portal Presets

TURNT Trap Drum Kit

PARTICLE FX Collection

Raffle: Live Lesson w/ Lil Baby Producer Juko

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SOUNDLAB Is An Elite Production Suite

and Training Series For Producers

SOUNDLAB Is An Elite Production Suite w/ Exclusive Training For Producers

  • 100% Royalty-Free Sample Library w/ stems that you can use as-is or as building blocks for creating your own melodies.

  • Exclusive Bass, Keys, Bell, Pad, Synth, and Pluck One Shots that sound amazing and make creating great vibes easy and fun!

  • Huge Collection of Accents and Instrument Loops for creating melodic masterpieces.

  • Cheat Code Melody MIDI Library destroys beat-block by providing you with over 100 customizable compositions (we love MIDI and so should you).

  • 2 Exclusive Must-See Courses on how to create high-level ATL Trap beats and how to network effectively as a producer in 2023.

Preview Samples


Premium Melody Samples



Pad Loop 11
Piano Loop 07
Synth Loop 09a
Bell Loop 03

Instrument Shots

Range - Bass
Mystery - Pluck
Lettuce - Keys
Happy - Bell

Designed Accents

Public - Accent
Poll - Accent
Flip - Accent
Spook - Accent
Spin - Accent
Paranoid - Accent
Fort - Accent

 Exclusive To SOUNDLAB

Beyond the Basics:

Advanced Drum And Melody Training

$100.00 Value

Join Lil Baby producer Juko as he takes you through start-to-finish on how to make high-level beats for artists like Lil Durk, Migos, Gunna, Future, and Lil Baby.

Juko will show you priceless production techniques our team has learned from years of working with some of the biggest artists and producers in the world.

This training is a great resource to teach you how to use all the tools that you're getting in the SOUNDLAB Trap Production Suite.
Hosted by @prodjuko

 Exclusive To SOUNDLAB

Producer's Playbook:

Strategies for Securing Placements

and Building a Strong Brand

$100.00 Value

Making beats is just one side of being a producer. The other side is the business and marketing.

In this training you will be exposed to priceless knowledge on how to start earning money and getting placements with your beats samples.

Team PG's Juko has found success at a young age, and he's hit the cameras to go over vital tricks of the trade so that YOU can find your own success and build relationships with industry artists and producers.
Hosted by @prodjuko


Distribution Op:

Community Placement Pack

$100.00 Value

Be ready to submit your melodies and help us create the sixth volume of the VIP Community Placement Pack! 

This pack will be sent to our industry producer friends such as Sonny Digital, Supah Mario, Jetsonmade, Hitmaka, and many other! It will also be distributed to over 98,000 producers globally.

Exclusive bonuses 

included For FREE

 Bonus #1


Analog Lab V Soundbank

$50.00 Value

Gain access to Juko's secret stash of Analog and Digital presets for this incredible plugin. Includes actual presets used in Juko's placements!

Each of the 100 presets has been tried and tested to be perfect for dark trap music and is sure to bring a fresh perspective to your own sound design.
Requires Analog Lab V by Arturia

 Bonus #2


Portal Presets

$50.00 Value


These presets are one of the fastest ways to make your One Shots and Synths sound huge!

Add exclusive effects to your tracks that are not available with stock Portal presets. 50 specially designed SOUNDLAB granular presets make any sound or track become more complex and interesting.

Requires Portal by Output

 Bonus #3


Trap Drum Kit

$35.00 Value

Anti-Hero - 808
Dialtone - Kick
Impulse - Clap
Season - Snare
Mosquito - Perc
Dimension - Cymbal
Enjoy 100 original drum transients that take the best sounddesign of 2023 to date.

All of the hard hitting 808s, kicks, snares, hihats, and percs are processed to SMACK without needing to add extra plugins.

With this drum kit you will be able to create entire industry-level productions exclusively with SOUNDLAB.
Designed by @ayo.zens

 Bonus #4


FX Collection

$35.00 Value

Hollywood - Transition
Run - Lite Impact
Shucks - FX
Cuko - Impact
Savage - Chant
Go Long - Chant

PARTICLE is a collection of incredibly useful FX for adding the final touch to any beat or arrangement, exclusive to SOUNDLAB owners.

You can quickly drag and drop 77 various Lite and Low Impacts, Ear-Candy Chants, and Smooth Transitions into any project for immediate results that will tie your beat together.

Designed by @ikarionthebeat, @prodjuko, and @kaadik_

 Bonus #5

Chance to Win

Live Lesson with Lil Baby Producer Juko

$150.00 Value

First 300 producers to purchase SOUNDLAB join the raffle

As part of our release of SOUNDLAB, we're excited to giveaway five 1-hour one-on-one sessions with Lil Baby's producer Juko.

Bring a work in progrss to the Zoom call, or create something new with Juko from scratch! Together you and Juko will create a project that is placement-ready.

 Bonus #6


$50.00 Value

As a way of saying thank you for your support of SOUNDLAB, we're giving you a $50 PG Gift Card to load up on additional kits from!

*Credit will be automatically added to your ProducerGrind Account shortly after purchase.

 Bonus #7

Collector's USB

w/ exclusive sounds & Presets (our favorites)

$75.00 Value

First 100 producers to purchase SOUNDLAB get physical USB

We wanted to do something special for those producers who are extra excited about how SOUNDLAB is gonna change their game.

Juko set aside his favorite melodies, starters, and other goodies exclusively to put on this USB. These will never be seen anywhere else!

*Within 48 hours of SOUNDLAB's release we will survey the first 100 purchasers to acquire their mailing address.

This 100% Royalty-Free 

Production Suite Contains:

  • 100 Royalty-Free Melody Samples

  • 438 Individual Stems

  • 132 Premium Melody MIDI

  • 100 Designed Instrument Shots

  • 100 Inspiring Instrument Loops

  • 100 Original Analog Lab V Presets

  • 050 Original Portal Presets

  • 045 Attention-Grabbing Accents

  • 100 Royalty-Free Melody Samples

  • 438 Individual Stems

  • 132 Premium Melody MIDI

  • 100 Designed Instrument Shots

  • 100 Inspiring Instrument Loops

  • 100 Original Analog Lab V Presets

  • 050 Original Portal Presets

  • 045 Attention-Grabbing Accents

  • 100 Exclusive Trap Drum Shots

  • 077 Incredible FX and Transitions

  • 003 Videos on Pro-Level Beatmaking

  • 007 Videos on Industry Networking

  • 005 Submissions to Placement Pack

  • $50 Bonus Giftcard to

  • EXC Private Juko Lesson & USB Giveaways

  • Accurate Key and BPM Labels for Quick Workflow

  • 100 Exclusive Trap Drum Shots

  • 077 Incredible FX and Transitions

  • 003 Videos on Pro-Level Beatmaking

  • 007 Videos on Industry Networking

  • 005 Submissions to Placement Pack

  • $50 Bonus Giftcard to

  • EXC Private Juko Lesson Giveaways

  • Accurate Key and BPM Labels for Quick Workflow

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See what the community thinks!

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Michael Duff (Charlotte, US)
Everything you need

Truly a one-stop-shop suite. Love that it came with analog lab and portal presets, a huge selection of samples and drums, and the extra bonuses are super helpful as well. You won't be disappointed for picking this up!

Jesse Sanders (Los Angeles, US)
Overcome Beat Block or Just Update Your Sounds

Whether you aim to overcome beat block or simply want to hear some fresh new sounds. Then Soundlab is your best friend. It's a one stop shop for even the most seasoned producer. I've been producing for 8 years now and I still am finding out new info and just progressing the sound. I decided to watch the courses on a whim one day and ended up learning hella new stuff, super glad I tuned in. Still reading?? There's only 150 spots left (at the time of writing)! Make that move trust me you won't regret it. 💎💎💎

Aydruv (Perth, AU)
Pro level Kit is here, Bye BeatBlock!

This kit is definitely must buy, all the sounds that inside is industry standard. You can have multiple possibilities with this kit, never sound the same. Fully Loaded kit for sample maker or even for drum guys out there, there is fire melody pack. The course help a lot to get good bounce to beat. Thanks Team PG for this 💎

Nenno (Matera, IT)
Soundlab Production Suite

Soundlab made my beats 10 times harder, it made my workflow faster Thanks to all the oneshots in the kit, and with the accents inside my loops are more interesting now. The drums inside the kit are super fire,
I’m using them in all the beats I’m doing now. Juko’s lessons really changed my mindset and I can say that I’m really more motivated now with what I want from beatmaking. Really thanks to all the members of producergrind that made this possible. That’s all, keep going, support from Italy 🇮🇹

Hayzee03Beats (Brussels, BE)

This multi-kit has loads of portal presets, analog lab presets and 8gb on midi's + .wav samples of high quality. Instrument loops / shots to create unique melodies. Main reason i'm writing this review is for the drum kit and accents. Must Cop 12/10
Best overall multi-kit i've ever purchased / downloaded.


What licenses come with SOUNDLAB?

Licensing rights included:
 - Streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc
 - Beat lease sales on Beatstars, Airbit, etc
 - Placements with major artists
 - All files are 100% royalty free

How will I know if I won the Collector's USB?

Shortly after launch we will survey those eligible to confirm their shipping address.

We can ship globally. In the event we can't ship to your location we will add the equivalent value to your ProducerGrind credit.

I'm new! What kind of product is this?

SOUNDLAB is a set of digital downloads that will help you create great music in any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, etc.

The downloads mostly consist of audio files (.wav) and MIDI files (.mid). This is NOT a physical.

How will I receive my order?

Upon order confirmation you will be redirected to an order summary page containing a link to your Downloads Dashboard. You must be logged in to your ProducerGrind Account to access the Downloads Dashboard. If this is your first time ordering, please check your inbox for an Account Activation email which will verify your email address and activate your account.

Not seeing your Account Activation email? Please go to the Login Page and click the Activate account button to resend this email.

After order confirmation you will be emailed a receipt and a confirmation email linking you to the order summary page.

What is your refund policy?

Digital products are not eligible for refunds due to their intangible nature and impossibility of being returned. Please click here to see our refund policy.

How does the Payment Plan work?

If you opt to use the Payment Plan to purchase SOUNDLAB, your payment method will be charged $35.00 every two weeks until the 5th payment is received. Your first $35.00 charge occurs immediately upon signup.

This is a great option for those on a monthly budget!

Limited release - Only 500 licenses available
Secure this pro-level suite before it's gone!














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