The “Thugger Mania” WAV + MIDI Loop Pack


This kit was inspired by Young Thug‘s New Album “So Much Fun“. This Kit includes 25 Wav Files + 48 Midi Files. Each loop was designed to maximize the Drum Bounce ūü•Ā. Listening through Thugs new album, we wanted to create loops that inspired similar bounces. Each loop comes with matching midi files broken down to each instrument used in the loop. For example (chord midi, flute midi, guitar midi etc). This maximizes creative control and as seen in the Preview Video and Cook Up Videos posted below.¬†Compatible with all DAW software.

This Kit Includes:

  • 25 Melody Wav files
  • 48 Individual Instrument Midi Files (Chords, Flutes, Keys etc.)

[Created by @whoisjbeats]