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Portal Bank

Freeze Time
Swing Pads
EXPERIMENT CLUB Portal Bank - ProducerGrind
  • 60 Premium Portal Presets For All Genres Including Dark, Melodic and Experimental Vibes

  • Add Exclusive Effects To Your Tracks That Are Not Available Through Stock Portal Presets

  • Granular Processing Effects That Make Any Sound or Track Become More Complex and Interesting

  • Used By Platinum Producers Supah Mario, ProdDB, and Many Others!

These presets are one of the fastest ways to make your One Shots and Synths sound huge!

Finally an easy way to create your own original Accents and Ear Candy! Portal by Output is a staple in the samplemaker community. This granular effect plugin has enabled producers to add unique flavor to any lead, chord progression, and even entire Melody Samples.

After spending so much time in the plugin ourselves, naturally we've developed our own stash of go-to presets that make it fun and easy to flip an entire sound and create a vibe. You will quickly create amazing dark and experimental melodies that artists like Drake, Travis Scott, and Wheezy would feel at home in.

*requires Portal by Output

Melodies made 


Dez Wright