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There's nothing quite like free sauce.

We wanted to provide you with an introduction to the world of FL Studio Mixer Presets. These lightweight files are a goldmine of mixing techniques and creative processing ideas. Designed exclusively with FL Studio 20 stock effects, you won't need to worry about downloading a bunch of 3rd party plugins to make these work.

Drag and drop these FL Mixer Presets on any channel strip. Mixer presets are great for adding unique variations to your drums and instrumentals. Create easy switchups in your beat, make your drums smack hard, and add extra sauce to your melodies. It's about time you had a leg up!

These FL Studio Mixer Presets help you work smarter and faster

  • 25 FL Studio Mixer Presets (.fst) [Drums, Melodies, Master]

  • ALL Stock Plugins (don't worry about extra software)

FL 20 Mixer Presets Select