Fornuto 'GËT BUSY' Yeat Drum Kit - ProducerGrind

These drums are essential for Yeat-type dark hyperpop beats

When Drake cosigned Yeat, we knew that his sound is the next wave. We've been head-bopping to tracks like Gët Busy [Yeat], Yale [Ken Car$on], and Trying [midwxst] ever since. Inspired by producer BNYX drum kit (free download)

Team PG's Fornuto designed and compiled this essential Dark Hyperpop drum kit. We ain't asking for a penny, this kit is totally free. Now you can make crazy beats for the next wave of artists with a story to tell. Go on, get busy!

Make Dark Hyperpop beats for Yeat, midwxst, and ken car$on

Yaya - 808
Outside - 808
Busy - 808
Soss - Kick
Kan - Perc
Slimed - Perc
Slide - Hihat
Die4guy - Hihat
Cig - Clap
Wake - Snare
Up - Snare
Tec - Snare


  • 12 808s and Kicks Perfect for Dark Hyperpop

  • 22 Claps and Snares to Make Your Beats Slap

  • 14 Percs and Hihats to Keep the Vibe Moving

  • Accurate Key Labels for Quick Workflow

Fornuto 'GËT BUSY' Yeat Drum Kit