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Exporting Stems Masterclass (FL Studio Edition)

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This course is for FL Studio users who want to level up their samplemaking by delivering polished, stemmed out melody samples.

*hint* it doesn't involve "split mixer tracks"

Join ProducerGrind Operations Manager, Ben Arthur as he demonstrates the best approach to exporting stems for sample packs, official remixes, mixing engineers, or collaborations.

You'll understand the HOW and the WHY behind best practices for sample stems, and be able to execute a predictable export every single time.

Stop guessing at what FL Studio will spit out at you during an export and avoid the headache of revisions and awkward conversations when your stem export doesn't sound like what you anticipated.

Once you master the tried-and-true process shared in this course, the people you work with will love your delivery.

Get put on that special shortlist of "easy people to work with", and secure yourself first dibs at opportunities (including here at ProducerGrind).