Win A Collab with Industry Producer Sonny Digital + $3000 Prize Package

Can you make the best remix? 

We've partnered with Sonny Digital to host a CRAZY remix contest using the OUTBREAK beta pack! But this isn't just any beat battle; you MUST build your beat around one of the 3 acapella vocals provided. All genres are eligible to participate.

The grand-prize winner will receive a collab with Sonny himself, plus over $3000+ worth of locked-down ProducerGrind packs (sounds that are no longer available to the public), a feature on the ProducerGrind Instagram page, direct contact with the remixed artist, and a premium HighNote account.

And if you're lucky, the artist you remix might be interested in working.

Here's the deal – your track should be a tribute to the essence of the OUTBREAK. You can sprinkle in other ProducerGrind samples, but make sure that OUTBREAK is at the heart of your beat.

We're not just looking for good – we're after greatness. Your submission will be judged on the creativity and quality of your beat by the 3 artists themselves, as well as the ProducerGrind team. Good luck!

Submission Kickoff: April 24th, 2024
Deadline for Entries: May 24th, 2024
Winner Announcement: May 31st, 2024

Step 1: Download Beta Pack

HINT: we added PRISM drums into the beta, so redownload if you want!

Step 2: Choose An Acapella

There are 3 crazy acapellas to choose from! Each one with it's own flow from artists Keen (@keennation), Oren Major (@oren.major), and Rewind (@therealrewind). The best remix of each acapella will be featured on our Instagram, and will be put in direct contact with the artist.

Keen - Sugar Water
Oren Major - How I Live
Rewind - Sessions feat. Mick Jenkins

Step 3: Submit Entry by May 24th

If you finish early, send us a snippet of your track on Instagram (@producergrind). If we love it we'll feature it! Also tag the artist you remixed!

Grand Prize

  • Collab with Sonny Digital

  • $3000-worth of rare PG packs

  • Direct contact w/ remixed artist*

  • Premium HighNote account

  • PG Instagram feature*

*other two winning remixes will also receive

Preview Samples From OUTBREAK Beta

Tractor Beam
Cool Velvet
Resplendent Reflection
Grimy Secret
Bright Shadows
Accent - Situation
Bass - Detroit
Key - High Call
Synth - Oblique
Drum Loop - Megatron
Drum Loop - LT
Drum Loop - Dreams
HiHat Loop - Lotus

Release Date May 10th • 500 Licenses Available


If you have any other questions contact

How do I enter the contest?

Click on the “Enter Contest” button under Step 3 on this page.

Once you’ve created your remix, you will submit your track using HighNote.

All properly submitted tracks will be reviewed by our production team and the artist during the judging stage.

Can I use samples from other packs?

Yes you can, as long as they are from other ProducerGrind packs. A requirement of the contest, however, is to keep the focus of your entry on the OUTBREAK beta and suite.

How do you choose the winner?

We choose the contest winner based upon overall creativity and quality of production, as well as the remixed artist's personal preference.

This criteria is heavily based upon both sound selection and the mix quality of the entry.

How do I get featured on the @producergrind Instagram page?

To get featured on the ProducerGrind IG, upload snippets of your entry and tag us (@producergrind) with the hashtag #OutbreakContest

We will re-post some of our favorite ones that we see!

"OUTBREAK Beat Contest" (Official Contest Rules)

You must use elements from the OUTBREAK Beta Pack or the full OUTBREAK Production Suite to be eligible for this contest.

Entry must also remix one of the provided acapellas.

No illegal/uncleared samples may be used in your entry.

Submit your original song with the following title format: ARTIST NAME – SONG NAME (OUTBREAK Contest)

One entry per person/group.

If you enter as a group, you are not allowed to enter as a solo artist, and vice versa.

You may not enter the contest if you currently work for, or have ever worked for ProducerGrind LLC.

ProducerGrind has the right to disqualify any entry.

These rules are subject to change at any time at the discretion of ProducerGrind LLC.

COpyright 2024© Producergrind llc.  |   Privacy Policy   |   Terms of service

COpyright 2024© Producergrind llc.  |

 Privacy Policy   |   Terms of service

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