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PUNCHOUT Live Drums & Breaks - ProducerGrind
  • Live Drum Breaks, Hihat Loops, and Drum Shots.

  • Introduce old-school grit and swag into your beats just like Beat Butcha, Alchemist, and Griselda.

  • Recorded and processed in studio by a session drummer and engineer for ultimate authenticity.

Bring Your Beats To Life with Punchy Live Drums!

Switching it up with live drums is a sure-fire way to catch an artist's ear and reintroduce a soulful or gritty flavor to your music.

Our team has pulled out all the stops as they performed, recorded, and processed tasteful drum shots and impactful drum breaks. Now you can find the sweetspot between honoring hip hop's origins and pushing the envelope on today's sound. 


*designed by @lifeofdeetz

100% Royalty-Free

Instant Access

Works in All DAWs

Listen to PUNCHOUT

145 piece designed drum kit

Impala - Break
DM - Break
Griselda - Break
Lofi Carnage
Heavy Swing - Hihat
Browse - Kick
Live - Snare
Lock - Percussion

This 100% Royalty-Free

Drum kit Contains:

  • 40 Live Drum Breaks That Give Your Tracks a True Old-School Feel

  • 20 Hihat and Cymbal Loops Create Nuanced and Human Feel

  • 85 Live Drum Shots Including Kicks, Snares, Percs, Hihats, and Rims

  • Accurate Key and BPM Labels for Quick Workflow

PUNCHOUT Live Drums & Breaks



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