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Goated melodies + counters and basslines. The secret is in the velocity.

There's a real difference between programmed melodies and played melodies. That's why we wanted to provide you with 300+ melodies, counters, and basslines MIDI played by real musicians with feeling.

Drag and drop these patterns into your DAW for instant inspiration and full creative control. One of three popular styles (Chill, Dark, and Sad) have been assigned to each melody so that you know what to reach for when you need it.


*Contains MIDI files only. No WAV files.

Chill melodies for Artists like Drake, Gunna, and Blxst

Combine chords with a broad selection of counter melodies to create endless vibes for lazy Sundays.

Joy (Chill Demo)
Alone (Chill Demo)

DARK MELODIES FOR artists like Migos, Cardi B, AND Moneybagg yo

Pair melodies with your favorite guitar and piano libraries to create fye industry-ready samples.

Funeral (Dark Demo)
Halloween (Dark Demo)

Make grown men cry with Sad melodies perfect for Rod Wave, Giveon, and SZA

Matchup your favorite one shots or presets with tear-jerk melodies and counters.

Sunrise (Sad Demo)
Abandon (Sad Demo)

Top it off with 808 + Hihat patterns and Snare Rolls

Proudly divorce yourself from beat block with industry, drag and drop Drum MIDI using your favorite drum shots.

Snare Roll MIDI 01
Hihat MIDI
Snare Roll MIDI 02
808 MIDI

This 100% Royalty-Free Premium kit Contains:

  • 101 Melody MIDI [Piano and Guitar-Styled Chords]

  • 120 Counter MIDI [Match w/ Chord Progressions]

  • 102 Bass MIDI [Basslines for Bass Guitar, Subs, or 808s]

  • 40 Drum MIDI [808 + Hihat Patterns and Snare Rolls]

  • Accurate Key and BPM Labels for Quick Workflow

What is Producer camp?

Learn industry MIDI secrets on how to best use MIDIGRAM Vol 2 in your own productions! Join Team ProducerGrind's TWiLL for a three-day Producer Camp* (FREE with the purchase of MIDIGRAM Vol 2). It's time to level-up your MIDI game!

*This live launch event is now over, but the sessions were recorded and archived for owners of MIDIGRAM Vol 2.

  • Exclusive Recordings of the 3 Day MIDICamp
  • Advance MIDI Techniques In FL Studio
  • How To Switch Around Notes and Still Be In Key
  • Easy Music Theory Hacks
  • Customize MIDI Progressions To Sound Like YOU

MIDIGRAM MIDI Melody Collection Vol 2