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WhoIsJBeats '808 SAUCE' Bass Patterns Vol 7

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WhoIsJBeats brings you 20 more industry MIDI 808 patterns and 11 more industry MIDI Kick patterns in this '808 Sauce 7' MIDI Kit. This pack was inspired by the modern Trap/New Wave sound. Start your beats off with a 808 MIDI and pair it with a MIDI Hi-Hat Loop to create an Instant Bounce! These MIDI patterns can be used with any 808/sub bass/Kick sound of your choice.

They are great for starting beats then building the percussion and melodies around the bass line. This pack comes with MIDI patterns only. No WAV included samples. Compatible with every DAW program (FL Studio, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton, Maschine & More.)

Click Here to Learn How To Make Beats With 808 MIDI Loops

Sounds Included: (20) 808 MIDI files (11) Kick MIDI files


Listen to some of the MIDI 808 bass patterns included in this MIDI kit

All Day 125 BPM Eb Min
Gunna X Maxsta 124 BPM D Min
Lamb Truck 124 BPM F Min
Money Man 144 BPM F Min