Captain Chords: Advanced Chord Progression Generator VST

Captain Chords: Advanced Chord Progression Generator VST - ProducerGrind

Are you looking for a chord progression generator that is a little more advanced than the free online chord generators that we showed you a while back? There are a few VST plugins that will actually play chord progressions for you on your favorite plugins like Omnisphere & Nexus 3. These plugins work just like if you were playing them on a MIDI keyboard, but no piano lessons required!

MixedInKey's New Chord Progression Generator

One of the newest chord progression generator plugins is Captain Chords by MixedInKey. We really like this VST because you can play any chord with one key press, just like Cthulhu. The big feature that makes this one standout though is the editor. Inside the editor you can create complex chord progressions just by tweaking a few settings. After you create the progression you can either drag & drop it into the piano roll of your favorite instrument or use one of the 240+ presets (Piano, Strings, Synth, etc.) that come with Captain Chords. The dope thing about Captain Chords is that it also doubles as a guitar chord progression generator when you use it with your favorite Omnisphere guitar presets.

keyscape and chord progression generator

Watch JB Making a Beat With Captain Chords & Nexus 3 

Check out this video of WhoIsJBeats from Team Producergrind making a beat in FL Studio 20 using Captain Chords (progression generator) and Nexus 3.

Captain Chord Progression Generator Tutorial

Here is another FL Studio tutorial we found with a producer showing you how to make a chord progression using Captain Chords. He did a pretty good job of showing the process of using it with any VST of your choice.