Secrets to Getting More Artists to Your Beat Store or Producer Funnel

Secrets to Getting More Artists to Your Beat Store or Producer Funnel - ProducerGrind

After interviewing Gabe from Legion Beats and dropping a bunch of content during Funnel Week many of our Producergrind community members are very familiar with what a producer funnel is. We personally have grown to love sales funnels and in many ways have started using them in our own businesses.

After Gabe launched MIDI Money and his very popular course on how to make a producer funnel or beat selling funnel we have started seeing producers from all over the world find their own lane in selling beats online. We even made sure we made it out to the MIDI Money Mastermind weekend in Nashville Tennessee earlier this year where Producergrind's very own CEODylan hosted one of the panels on marketing.

Now Gabe and his mentor Russell Brunson, CEO of ClickFunnels are back with a whole bunch of knowledge on driving traffic or visitors to your sales funnels. Russell has just launched his new book "Traffic Secrets" which you can get now. What Gabe has done that is very dope is create a bundle of free producer resources that come with the book. He has thrown in some content like his "Beat Traffic Blueprint" eBook as well as his "Traffic Secrets EXPLAINED" Course which kind of breaks down the book and explains how producers can use the concepts on their beat selling website. The bundle also comes with exclusive access to the marketing panel that CEODylan hosted along with BusyWorksBeats, WyshMaster & Rick Barker.

Click Here to Get the Book + Free Bonuses

If you haven't watched the Legion Beats interview on the Producergrind Podcast make sure you check that out first. This is the video that started it ALL lol!!! This is the video where Gabe gives out all the sauce on how he made over $1,000,000 in one year selling beats online 👇