REDTRON Secret FREE VST (Cubeatz Flutes, Strings, Synths & More)

REDTRON Secret FREE VST (Cubeatz Flutes, Strings, Synths & More) - ProducerGrind

REDTRON is a very slept on free VST that has some real analog sounding sampled instruments in it. A lot of the sounds in this free plugin remind us of sounds used in Cubeatz samples and Frank Dukes samples which have taken over the industry in the last few years. This free vst plugin download is only available for PC right now so if you are a mac user (like me) you will have to sit this one out. 🤦‍♂️Even though I am not a PC user I have used REDTRON several times when working with other Team Producergrind members. TB Digital is actually the first one that put me on to this. You can watch a video of him using REDTRON here

Download REDTRON For FREE Here

Sounds Included in REDTRON (Free VST Plugin)

  • MKII Flute 🔥
  • MKII 3 Violins
  • M400 Cello
  • MKII Brass
  • M400 Combined Choir
  • M400 String Section 🔥
  • M400 Woodwinds
  • M300A Violins
  • M300B Violin

Using REDTRON VST to Make Beats (Video)

Check out this FL Studio tutorial where TB Digital shows you how to use REDTRON as well as a few of our other favorite free vst plugins