The Best Free Piano VST Ever (By FAR...) LABS Soft Piano

The Best Free Piano VST Ever (By FAR...) LABS Soft Piano - ProducerGrind

Spitfire LABS Soft Piano is the best piano vst we have ever used! It is so fire that, when we first tried it, we actually had to double check to make sure it was "legally" free (if you know what I mean lol.) YES! It is 100% free and every producer reading this should download it now. It is available for both PC & MAC so everyone is in luck. If you want more make sure you check out our huge list of free piano vst plugins.

I am not sure exactly how or when we first found out this free piano plugin. It might have been on an episode of the Producergrind Podcast when we asked the guest what some of their favorite free vst plugins were. Since then this has been one of our go to instruments when making beats in FL Studio, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live etc.

Click Here To Download Spitfire LABS Soft Piano

Testing Out Spitfire LABS Soft Piano (Free Piano VST)

Check out this video we found on youtube of a producer showing you what this plugin sounds like. He agrees with us on it being one of the best cinematic & emotional piano plugins available.

In conclusion, this is not something to sleep on! It is not a good idea to go looking for free keyscape downloads (karma gonna get you 😂.) Also, not only is Spitfire LABS a free piano vst, there are 21 more free instrument presets that you can get for free from these guys. Some of the other free presets are:

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