Young Thug "So Much Fun" Production Credits (List of Producers)

Young Thug
Here is the list of producers on the Young Thug "So Much Fun Album" which has 19 tracks featuring some major artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Gunna, Quavo, Travis Scott, Lil Baby and a whole bunch more. There is also some major production credits from huge beatmakers like Wheezy, Southside, Nick Mira & Pierre Bourne. Some of our producer friends made the album like ATL Jacob, Pvlace, Supah Mario, & Pyrex
  1. Just How It is (prod by. Wheezy & Nick Mira)
  2. Sup Mate (prod by. DY & ATL Jacob)
  3. Ecstasy (prod by. DY & 12 Hunna)
  4. Hot (prod by. Wheezy)
  5. Light It Up (prod by. Pi'erre Bourne)
  6. Surf (prod by. Pi'erre Bourne)
  7. Bad Bad Bad (prod by. Wheezy & Nils)
  8. Lil Baby(prod by. Pi'erre Bourne)
  9. What's The Move(prod by. BLSSD & Chef)
  10. I Bought Her (prod by. DJ Durel & Wheezy)
  11. Jumped Out The Window (prod by. Supah Mario)
  12. I'm Scared(prod by. Pi'erre Bourne)
  13. Cartier Gucci Scarf (prod by. Jayrich Laplaya & Prezzley P)
  14. Big Tipper (prod by. Southside & Pvlace)
  15. Pussy (prod by. Southside & Pyrex)
  16. Circle of Bosses(prod by. Wheezy & Nils)
  17. Mannequin Challenge (prod by. J. Cole & T-Minus)
  18. Boy Back (prod by. Mustard, Pitt Tha Kid & Felix Leone)
  19. The London (prod by. T-Minus)
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