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  • Take the guesswork out of trap drums so you can create placement-ready beats from scratch quickly.

  • Five essential lessons explain everything that makes up drum bounce.

  • 36 minutes of concise and to-the-point instruction from one of Team PG's top producers @ayo.zens.

  • FL Studio project file and masterchain PDF included.

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FL Studio Project File

and PDF Included



 Lessons #1

Sound Selection

The sounds you use are just as important as the rhythm you apply to them. Zens kicks-off the course by explaining his rational on how he selects his drums before starting the arrangement.

Learn how to make informed sound selection decisions based on the melodic material you're building on for each beat.



The details is what tells a great beatmaker vs a good beatmaker. Zens begins building out the primary beat, articulating what he's thinking about as the beat comes together.

Learn concepts such as finding the pocket, leveraging space, utilizing velocity, complementary layering, and avoiding busyness.

 Lesson #3



Bounce doesn't just come from drums! A good melody sample will have its own inherent bounce, and playing off this melodic bounce is a pro-level move for any beatmaker.

Continue learning how to leverage the pocket, shifting, velocity, and spacing particularly within the melodic content you're using.



The secret to arrangement is learning how to remove after you've added. Zens demonstrates how to strip down the various sections of a song to serve the intended purpose of the song.

Learn how to identify elements that need to disappear throughout various sections of a song.

 Lesson #5


Mixing and leveling is the most skipped step when it comes to finishing a beat. Processing at the master chain is the final secret to achievement a glue-together beat that pumps and bumps in all the right ways.

Learn the simple but necessary steps to achievement a great mix that makes your hard work shine.

Free Access for PG Weeklies Members


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