5 Free VST Plugins EVERY Producer Should Have + Download Links

5 Free VST Plugins EVERY Producer Should Have + Download Links - ProducerGrind

Here is our list of 5 must-have free VST plugins for producers in 2020. Some of these are instrument VST's (ex. Guitar, Piano, Synth, etc) and some are FX plugins used for adding filters and unique effects to your drum & melody tracks when making beats.

So many producers think they have to rush to purchasing expensive VST plugins like Omnisphere and NeXus 3 before downloading all of the free vst plugins available out there. These days It is very possible to be a successful producer without spending any money on VST plugins.

1. Spitfire Labs VST (Pianos, Guitars, Bells, Pads & More)

Spitfire LABS created by Spitfire Audio is one of our favorite 2020 free VST plugins. There are over 22+ free preset packs that you can download with Spitfure LABS. The pianos and guitars in this free VST plugin are super high quality. It was hard for us to even believe they were free at first.

Download Spitfire Analog Labs

2. Native Instruments Kontakt 6 Player

Kontakt Player has been around forever but it still remains on our list of must-have free vst plugins for producers. The reason is because not only does it come with tons of free stock sounds, It is compatible with many of the other premium and free Kontakt libraries you can download on the internet. Kontakt Player is a VST sampler so many of the sounds are very realistic and unique. There isn't a single instrument in the world that does not have a kontakt library based on it.

Download Kontakt 6 Player

3. iZotope Vinyl FX Plugin

iZotope Vinyl is a very good free VST plugin for helping give your tracks a vintage LoFi vinyl feel. There are so many FL Studio melody tutorials showing how to make  melody samples like CuBeatz using iZotope Vinyl. This one is probably our most must-have free FX plugins for music producers in 2020 especially if you are looking for a free RC-20 alternative

Download iZotope Vinyl

4. U-HE TyrellN6 Free Synth VST

The TyrellN6 free synth VST by Amazona.De is kind of slept on. We have seen a lot of YouTube producers use it and talk about it but we still think most producers don't really know how dope it is for a free vst plugin. TyrellN6 is based on hardware analog synths and comes with 580 synth presets. That's a crazy amount of presets for a completely free synth plugin.

Download N-He TyrellN6 Synth

5. MISHBY Tape Abomination VST

Freakshow Industries MISHBY is the newest free vst plugin on this list. It is hard to say exactly what this FX plugin does just like all Freakshow plugins (for example Backmask.) It has some similarities to RC-20 alternative plugins like iZotope Vinyl but at the same time it has settings that make it very unique and mysterious. We have been loving this plugin lately and we urge every producer to give it a try.

Download MISHBY

We hope you got some gems from this list that you didn't already have. Don't forget that it is not always about having the newest and most expensive VST plugins. Be resourceful and use every free producer resource available to you!